Kevin Busby

Hello! There's not too much to see here at the moment, other than these links to some of my noisier activities. More will follow...

My artist page on Discogs has more information. Most of the activity is under "in groups" - and that includes "solo" group Carya Amara.


Earthrid releases unusual electronic music, without pursuing any genre - but most of its output could be labelled experimental or dark ambient, with eccentric twists. Earthrid was established in 2001 to promote the work of selected artists independently and without compromising to markets or expectations. It has always had an infrequent release schedule. / Earthrid Bandcamp / Earthrid Twitter

Carya Amara

Carya Amara is my long-running, low-profile solo electronic music project. / Carya Amara Bandcamp / Carya Amara Twitter

Phantom Circuit

Phantom Circuit is a radiophonic programme of strange and wonderful sound waves. It has been broadcast on various platforms since it was first heard in October 2008, both on broadcast radio and by streaming audio over the Internet. / Mixcloud

Phantom Circuit on social media: Twitter / VK / Facebook / Instagram

Collaborative projects

I was one half of each of the duos Abominations of Yondo (with Cousin Silas), Audio Space Research (with the late Eve Thacker) and Rhythmicon (with Miss Hypnotique). The five resulting albums are available as free downloads on Bandcamp.


Mastering, restoration and so on

Various. Those that received a credit on the release can be seen on Discogs.